About Scholarly HTML

What is it?

Scholarly HTML is four things:

  1. It’s a movement: committed to bringing scholarship to the web using standard web approaches – ie HTML, and links rather than PDF. Scholarly HTML builds on the ‘Beyond the PDF‘ movement and grew out of the January 2011 meeting in San Diego.
  2. It’s a format: a ‘profile’ of HTML that sets out conventions for encoding scholarly content in a declarative way using standard approaches such as RDFa and established microformats.
  3. It’s a a set of tools: to help authors create Scholarly HTML
  4. Documentation: how-to guides for the above.

The abbreviated form of the name is ScHTML and people have started pronouncing that Scuml.

Martin Fenner has compiled a history (and pre-history) of the movement.

Governance and participants

At the moment the editor of this site, and the specifications included within is Peter Sefton, with assistance from the core participants from the Scholarly HTML hackfest.

  • Peter Murray-Rust.
  • Martin Fenner.
  • Brian McMahon.
  • Sam Adams.
  • Dan Hagon.
  • Claudia Koltzenburg.
  • Egon Willighagen.

(If your name is not on this list and you think it should be – email the editor.)

Site / documents

The substantive content on this website will be managed in the following way.

  • Collaborative editing of documents such as the FAQ and core principles will take place in the Open Knowledge Foundation Etherpad.
  • Versions of these will be published on this site as date-stamped ┬áblog posts.
  • The latest version of a document (eg FAQ) will be included in a the relevant page on the site, but other versions will be made available.
  • No changes will be made to pages – every change will be a re-post, to preserve the complete history of the site. [That is, once I get the site established - I'm editing this page live to get started - ptsefton]


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